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stencils 506th PIR 

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Stencils to reproduce a pair of helmet insignia for U.S. military WW2.

insignia 506th PIR (band of brothers) 

variant with large heart

Stencils to achieve with paint the insignia of the 506th PIR. A badge on each side of the helmet. Dimensions and drawings respected.

You will receive two stencils

Very easy to use: it is a stencil sticker you put on the headphones, you paint and once dry you remove it.

- instructions :

* If the paint is very grainy, with a hairdryer heat the sticker on the helmet, then press down firmly above.
* Use glycero paint, diluted with white spirit
* Try to let it dry before painting so that it thickens slightly
* "Break" the white one adding a touch of yellow and / or black
* You can speed up the drying with a hair dryer
* Remove the stencil once the paint really dry