Since 2006, first under the domain decalhelmet.com dday-1944.com then, I propose online all you need to restore your military helmets, mainly German helmets.

I am manufacturer ww2 german decals. All decals or stencils on this website are manufactured locally in my workshop.

The paintings are made exclusively for dday-1944 in a French factory after a precise specifications, you will not find them for sale anywhere else.

The liner of German helmets, chinstraps, rivets set, are each made by artisans especially selected for their high quality reproduction.


Responsable de l'entreprise, du site et de la publication : Mr Moreno Stéphane

Adresse : 15 rue de la bucaille, Brévands, 50500 Carentan les marais

Numéro de siret : 388 340 192 00029

Contact : tél : 09 80 69 1944 / mail : stephane@dday-1944.com

Hébergement du site : OVH, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix. Tél : 1007

15 rue de la bucaille
50500 Carentan les marais