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water based glue for decals


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water based glue for decal
bottle capacity 3,5 ml, 0,117 fl.oz. permanent adhesive

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This adhesive has been specially designed to bond the insignia decals printed upside down, the "perfect lacquer". But it is quite compatible with the decals "perfect replica" which they are printed normally.

This little bottle comes automatically in 2ml format with every order including at least one badge "perfect lacquer". We offer you retail for other grades of decals. Thus, the decal will be truly "united", great fit and even outdoors in the rain!

Capacity of the bottle: 3,5ml / 0,117 fl.oz. +or- 10%. a bottle can paste dozens of decals.

how to use

remove excess glue and bubbles with a damp sponge .

do not try to remove the adhesive under the decal , even if it seems that it is thick it’s normal, and it will completely disappear with the drying.


The glue will dry and retract, the decal will perfectly join on the helmet paint. Once the glue is dry, not before 7 days, you can still improve the resistance by exposing the helmet in the sun for a quarter of an hour, or by passing a heat gun shot (set not too hot !) the aim is to heat it. But it's not necessary.

IMPORTANT: Final drying time is seven days. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO THE OLD OR BEFORE THE HEAT ! Before and during the phase of asking a decal is very fragile to handle so with great caution. A concern during installation ? contact me.